very observant.

Hi people, my name is Lita. My full name is Narulita Dianasari. I was born in Bandung about almost 19 years ago. By the way now I'm in college (maybe????) and I should survive in this stressing-thing (college, life, and love problems). I complained a lot too. If you meet me, I think I will be the loudest and most talk-active person you've ever met. I wrote my thoughts, feelings, my life experience and more. I love listening to music, so much. It feels like I would die if I haven't listened to one song in one day. I do love Alternative genre. Sometimes I could be so hype if I listened to some EDM songs. And I do like Korean Pop. Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, OneRepublic, Ariana Grande, Lorde and Maroon 5 should in my playlist. My hobbies are listening to music, read books, write on my blog, somehow I do love photography too, hunting foods, and more.. Well, enjoy my blog, even though most of my posts aren't too important, but who cares? This is my life journal. And welcome to my world, fella.

You can reach me at:

Thank you for visiting my blog. It's a pleasure for me. Come back here very soon.

P.S: not too update each day, because life is so hectic these days and fuck it all. i hate everything now

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